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This site remains a projected aimed at assisting our fellow men out there. In today’s society there is much pressure on all individuals to conform to certain aesthetic standards. Whilst these are not always possible or attainable, self-improvement remains a valid pursuit. As such we have put together this guide to help individuals around the world seeking to have a more desirable penis. We hope you have found our guide useful. But before we conclude this guide we wanted to finish with a final warning about products and procedures that should be avoided. The following are those.

The use of weights to increase penis size. Whilst it a method that has lasted the course of time, and undoubtedly will continue to be practiced by the misinformed.

The generally practice includes something no more advanced then attaching weights to your penis and attempting to stretch the penis in order to enlarge it. Whilst the method can indeed stretch the penis length, if conducted often enough, the drawbacks are also apparent. These issues consist of a thinnner penis (and do not forget many women prefer girth to length), a decreased ability to achieve erections, and potentially even tissue damage as a result of a decrease in blood circulation.

The use of penis pumps. Who has not heard of a penis pump? Featured in movies, on television and all over the internet, penis pumps can be purchased from numerous internet and retail based outlets (sex stores, etc). Similar to enlargement creams however penis pumps do not result in any long-term gains. Penis pumps essentially work through the creation of a vacuum around the penis itself in order ot increase bloodflow to the penis tissue.

Whilst they do have some benefits (particularly for individuals who are unable to obtain or maintain solid erections) there is absolutely no evidence that they actually work to increase the size of the penis itself. It is also important to note that a side-effect suffered by some men who have regularly used a penis pumps is the inability to gain an erection at all.

To conclude we’d simply like to wish you good luck in your penis enlargement program. We hope you have enjoyed our website and come back to visit regularly. We intend to make this site the premier portal on the internet for penis enlargement and penis health. As such the site will be regularly and consistently updated. So do check back!

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