Curvature Straightening


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The Curved Jelq
In order to perform the curved Jelq you will need either vaseline or an equivelent (some form of skin lotion or petroleum jelly). In order to partake in the curved Jelq your penis will need to obtain a semi-erection (in the arena of 60-70% erect). Begin by placing a half a teaspoon of said lotion on your penis and both palms.

Once you have completed the above task place your fingers in an ok symbol pattern and gradually rub your penis towards the end of your penis as if you were masturbating. Whilst conducting each stroke gradually place pressure on the portion of the penis that is curved. Do so in the opposite direction to the curvature. At the end of each stroke switch to your oppposing hand, beginning again at the base of your penis and repeat the action. Repeat this process continually changing from each hand at the end of each stroke.

>Throughout the process it is imperative that your thumb is placed firmly on the penis. It is also necessary to maintain constant pressure throughout on the portion of the penis that is most curved. A discplined routine employing this method will gradually produce the desired results. A good routine should include short sets at a quick pace, done so either on a weekly or daily schedule.

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