Foreskin Restoration


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Foreskin Restoration
Unfortunately there is a common misconception, particularly in North American society, that the foreskin is a trival and unecessary part of the male body. As such it has become common practice and tradition to remove the foreskin shortly after birth for religious and perceived asethitic reasons.

Unfortunately the foreskin is an important part of the male body and penis. It is rather large, not small as many people believe, and additionally a highly sensitive part of the penis. For men who have been circumsized they unfortunately miss out on the added stimulation and sensitive of their uncirmcumsized male counterparts.

There is however a solution out there for circumsized men seeking to enjoy the sensitivity of their uncircumsized counterparts. Fortunately no major actions are required, and whilst things such a foreskin restoration surgery, truthfully no foreskin restoration product, device or surgery is necessary in order for an individual to regain their lost foreskin. We recommend a technique aptly names the foreskin restorer to achieve such restoration.

In order to conduct the foreskin restorer exercise you must first gain a complete erection. Upon doing this, create an ok symbol with your thumb and index finger and place them around the penis base in a tight grasping fashion. Making sure to remain comfortable with the grasp, pull against the skin towards your body, stretching the skin where the foreskin should form. Once fully pulled back hold it for approximately 10 seconds and repeat with repetition. If you are seeking to add this to your routine you should do so once or twice a week and up until you have received satisfactory results. Remember it will take time.

It is important to remain patient throughout the process of restoring your foreskin. It does take notable time to naturally return your foreskin to how it was. It is without a doubt however, that once you do achieve complete restoration that you shall be completely satisfied with the results. Another technique, referred to as the Dry Milking exercise, contained on this site can also assist in helping return your foreskin back to its natural state.

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