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The size of the head of the penis is perhaps one of the primary parts of the penis. When having sex the head is often the part of the penis that stimulates the most pleasure on a woman. As such, a common concern men seeking to enlarge their penis have is in relation to the size of their head, and a self-belief that it is either inadequate or undesirable.

Needling is an additional technique an individual may add to their routine aimed directly at increasing the size of the penis head. Whilst needling is not an exercise that should replace nor hinder any other exercise in a penis enlargement routine it can be used by those particularly concerned or focused on increasing the size of the head of their penis. It is imperative that those partaking in this exercise that it’s goal is to increase only the size of the penis head when erect, and although flaccid gains may be made they should not be the focus of this technique.

Needling is an exercise best performed when you are in a cool-down stage, and contary to most other enlargement exercises it is not recommend to perform this technique after a warm up. A good place to add this into your routine is after you have completed your main daily enlargement exercises and after completion of the cool-down process.

In order to begin the exercise lubrication will be required. Once you have lubrication apply it in generous amounts to the head of your penis. Once you have done such take a seated position that is comfortable for you. When in such a position slowly masturbate your penis to an erect state.

Once you have obtained a full erection, take and wrap your left hand around the base of the penis gradually increasing the power with which you a gripping the penis, up until it is firmly held. Then take your opposing hand (i.e. the right hand) just below the head of the penis (approximately 3 quaters up the penis shaft).

You should then continue by gradually moving your left hand up and into the the position of the right hand keeping attention to not releasing grip or pressure throughout the process. Ideally this repetition should be completed 10-20 times daily (or else as often as much as you feel physically capable and willing to do). An added note is that this technique should not be used to replace any other in your penis enlargement routine.

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