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Horizontal Movement

Penis girth is often considered more important then length by men and women alike. As such, in addition to already included girth related exercises included on this site, particulrly the Jelq and Kegel methods, we have included an additional exercise to add to your routine directed primarily at increasing girth. The exercise, referred to as the Horizonatl Movement is a well known technique that not only facilitates growth in the girth of your penis but also has the added benefit of increasing the control you exercise over your ejaculation.

To begin the exercise you will require some form of lubicration. Once you have such, apply the said lubrication to both hands in generous amounts and to the penis itself. Once this has been done it is necessary to increas the current blood flow to your penis, in order to achieve this do the necessary in order to obtain a semi-erection. When at semi-erection place one hand, with your fingers forming an ok sign, at the base of your penis and the other hand in the same fashion at the head of your penis. Placing pressure on the penis from both slowly stroke downwards towards the base of your penis with the top hand.

As you reach the base of the penis and your other hand, move the stroke again towards the head of the penis. This process of stroking the penis up and down through its entirity should take approximately 2-3 seconds. Throughout the process you should feel the blood located within the spongy tissue of the penis (i.e. the part of the penis that expands on erection) flowing towards the head. This means you are performing the technique correctly.

This technique should be included in your routine on a weekly or daily basis (depending on its importance to you and your goals). When performing the said exercise do so for as many repetitions as either time or your physical condition allows.

Watch the Horizontal Movement Video Tutorial

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  1. Ammar on Tuesday 14, 2009

    hi, i would like to know that how long time do i have to do with this step of execises and should i do it after the normal jelq exercise which is takes 30 minute ???

    thanks you

  2. admin on Tuesday 14, 2009

    You can do it after jelq, but 30 minutes sounds too much.
    You can find workout routines recommendations here


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