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The Double Hand
To begin this exercise you must first masturbate your penis towards a full or semi-erection. Once you have achieved this find yourself a place to sit down in order to achieve maximum blood flow to the region on which we will be concentrating (i.e. the lower stomach and pelvis region). Once you are seated proceed to reduce the amount of blood flowing into the penis through the forming of a firm grip around the base of the penis. Once you feel you have adequately done so apply lubrication to your penis and both hands generously.

Once you have applied the appropriate amount of lubrication to your hands and penis, take both hands and apply pressure with them around the base of the penis. Once you are in position slowly stroke towards the tip of the penis, taking approximately 3-5 seconds in doing such. You should perform this exercise for as long as you are capable or physically able, or else as your routine requires.

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The Power Stretch
We recommend the power stretch only for experiences penis enlargement users. If you are new to penis enlargement, or have just started your training we do not recommend trying this exercise. If you feel you are ready and capable, proceed by stretching your flaccid penis horizontally out in front of your body through by holding the head of the penis. When it is in the said position proceed to flex the PC muscle for approximately 5 seconds (advanced penis enlargement users should have experience and understanding of this). Proceed through repetitions of this process in a multiple of directions; left, right, up and down. You should perform this exercise for as long as you are capable or physically able, or else as your routine requires.

The Power Stretch has multiple benefits to the individual performing it. Not only will it help facilitate growth in the penis but it will additionally allow you to appropriately exercise the PC muscle. In doing such you should experience a multiple of benefits. As such this is an exercise we highly recommend for experienced and advanced penis enlargement users. It makes a great compliment to your regular routine. We must caution hwoever if you have sexual relations on the same day as performing the exercise your penis may not respond as positively as usual. This is a result of fatigue. Performance will return the following day.

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Sit Down Stretch
The Sit Down Stretch is an exercise that has gained recent popularity for not only its effectiveness but also the ease and discreet way it can be performed. The Sit Down Stretch is aimed primarily at increasing flaccid length gains in the penis, and should not be used as a supplement to any other penis enlargement exercise. TO begin, gain approximately a 30% erect state, place your penis between your legs and sit down on a relatively firm chair on top of your penis. You should remain in this position for approximately 30 minutes in time daily, or for as long as you feel physically comfortable.

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