PC or Kegels technique


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PC Clamps
You should incorporate PC Clamps into your exercise program in sets of 30. You should perform this exercise through simply squeezing and releasing your PC muscle in quick intervals. Whilst your physical capability may be limited in the beginning you should ideally aim for approximately 300 PC clamps per day, or as many as you feel physically comfortable with, in sets of upto 100.

This exercise is one of the few exercises in which you should notice almost immediate results. Due to the speed at which the PC muscle recovers (usually within a day or two) you will find your erections improving almost immediately.

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Long Slow Squeeze
When you first start out with the Long Slow Squeeze you should, as a general guide, do so in sets of approximately 30. Do conduct each Long Slow Squeeze proceed by flexing the PC muscle as deep as you possibly can. As the name suggests hold this positio for as long as you are capable, and when you feel you have reached your physical limit hold for a further count of 20 before letting go. Repeat this 5 times with a rest of 30 seconds between each repetition.

As you advanced in this exercise you should find your physical ability to hold the squeez the PC muscle will extend to a period of upwards of several minutes. As you get to this stage in your workout program you should ideally include this exercise in your program with approximately 10 sets that consist of holds of around 2 minutes each.

Including this exercise in your disciplined routine should bring quick results. Not only will you find that your erections will improve almost immediately, buy you should also find in time that you are now capable of exercising greater control of your orgasms, ensuring longer lasting and more enjoyable sexual experiences.

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The PC Stair Steps Workout
The PC Stair Steps as the name suggests requires incrementially stepping up the manner in which you tighten your PC muscle. To begin, tighten and squeeze your PC muscle, as you release and repeat gradually firmer in the grip in a steady incremental manner for as much as you can manage. You should repeat for appaoroximately 5 repetitions keeping the space in between each repetition as minimal as possible.

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The PC Flutter
The PC Flutter is an exercise which should give you an immediate physical response. To begin the PC Flutter you should slowly tighten the PC muscle to a stage where it begins to tremble. As you slowly tighten the PC muscle it will begin to flutter and you should feel an extreme amount of energy flow through your body quickly. As this happens you should slowly breath inwards and outwards. As a general guide you should aim to begin at around 20 repetitions of this exercise and aim to reach upwards of 200, or as many as you feel physically comfortable with

Watch the The PC Flutter Video Tutorial

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