Testicle Exercise


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Testicle Treats
Whilst this exercises, unlike most other techniques on this website is not aimed at increasing size, or the testicles in this instance, it is aimed generally at the health of your penis and more particularly your sperm count.

In order to partake in this exercise you will require a warm (not hot!) cloth, in addition to some form of lubrication. Once you have both of these begin by placing the warm cloth around your testicles, allowing for the skin to soften up and become more flexible. Do this for a period of time of approximately 5 minutes.

Once this has been achieved take the lubrication and generously apply it around the testicles. Once well lubricated slowly and gently pull the testicals in various directions, keeping in mind that it is important to be gentle with such delicate organs. Do this for approximately 2 minutes in duration. To finish the technique place some gentle pressure on the testicles for a period of approximately 5 minutes.

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