The Dry Milking technique


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Dry Milking
In order to perform the Dry Milking technique you need to get your penis to a semi-erect position. It is important not to have a fully erect nor a fully flaccid penis when performing this technique. As such masturbate yourself until you are at approximately 50 per cent erection and then continue to proceed.

Once you have achieved a semi-erection form the ok symbol with your thumb and one of your fingers and place them around the base of your penis. Coninute by moving your hand, while maintaining an appropriately firm grip, towards the middle of your penis. Once you reach mid-way on your penis slide the fingers back to the base of the penis and continue this repeteation mulitple times until you feel you have sufficiently worked out that section of the penis.

Upon reaching such a level continue by moving the starting position of your fingers from the base of the penis towards the middle of the penis. Then proceed by stroking the penis towards the end. As with before do so until you feel you have sufficiently worked out that portion of your penis.

Throughout the process it is typical that the technique will result in further arousal and the penis may seem to want to become fully erect. It is important to keep your mind off this and by all means discourage the penis from becomiming fully erect. If it does become such, it is advisable to stop until it returns to a semi-erect state in order to avoid damaging any tissue within the penis.

Once you have become comfortable performing the technique in this way you can advance towards a variation of this technique. Lay your body no the bed with your knees bent and apart. Perform the technique as above but this time reach further inside the pubic bone to grab the penis (where possible) from within the body and pull the penis (in the same overall fashion) towards each opposing leg on ech stroke. This is commonly referred to as working the root of the penis.

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