The Jelq


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Standard Jelq

In order to begin this technique you will require some form of lubrication. Once you have this lubricatinon generously apply it to both palms and to the penis itself. You should then masturbate yourself until you obtain a semi-erection. You should maintain this semi-erection throughout the entirity of the process. If you find yourself getting further aroused beyond a semi-erection throughout the technique simply stop and wait until it subsides.

Once you have obtain a semi-erection form an ok symbol with yur thumb and one of your fingers. Place the hand around the base of the shaft of the penis as close to the pubic bone as possible. Firmly grasp the penis with the fingers and slowly move your hand towards the end of your penis. Throughout the process you should notice that the flow of blood pushed towards the head of your penis expands it to a visible degree.

When you reach the end of your penis with the stroke, you should take your opposing hand and place it in the starting position at the base of the penis and repeat the stroke. It is imperative that in the change over you do not release any pressure, and allow the blood to flow away from the head or out of the penis. You should perform this repetition in a fashion which is often referred to as ‘milking’.

The jelq is often viewed as the most fundamental of all penis enlargement exercises. As such it should form a fundamental base to your penis enlargement exercise program. When initially starting out, you should perform the standard Jelq for no more then 10 minutes daily. On the second week of your exercise routine this can be increased to 20 minutes daily. From your third week onwards you should perform it for 30 minutes daily, or to the maximum amount you feel physically comfortable doing.

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The Jelq & Hold

To begin The Jelq & Hold start by obtaing a full erection. Once you have obtaind a complete erection flex the PC muscle a total of 20 times in order to obtain as greater erection as is possible. Then proceed by holding and squeezing the PC muscle for a duration of time necessary for it to reduce the erection to that of a partial. To proceed grab some form of lubrication and apply it generously to both palms and to the penis itself. Then take your thumb and one of your fingers and form the ok symbol. Take this hand and continue by performing approximately 20 repetitions of the Standard Jelq.

You are now ready to proceed with the Jelq and Hold. To begin take the same ok symbol that you have formed with your thumb and one of your fingers and place at the base of your penis. Form a firm grip and stroke towards the head of your penis. Once reaching the head of the penis, unlike the Standard Jelq, hold the position for approximately 15 seconds, whilst taking your opposing hand and repeating the process. Continue to perform this action in a process often referred to as milking. You should perform this technique for as long as time or physical comfort allows you.

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Advanced Jelq

If you are a more competent and experienced penis enlargement user you may wish to try a variation of the Jelq which is appropriately referred to as the Advanced Jelq. As the name suggests this is a routine that should only be performed by advanced and competent individuals. Individuals who are new to penis enlargement or do not feel confident enough to perform the routine should not do such.

To begin the Advanced Jelq you will require a lubrication of some form. Once you have this lubrication you should, similar to the Standard Jelq form a symbol that resembles an ok sign with your thumb and one of your finger. Place it as the base of the shaft of the penis and begin to stroke towards the head of your penis whilst maintaining a strong grip. Once you have reached the head of your penis take your opposing hand, form a similar ok symbol with the thumb and one of your fingers and proceed to flex the PC muscle.

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One handed Jelq

The one handed Jelq is the final Jelq exercises included in this program. It should be attempted only by advanced users. The video and accompanying pictures above provid vivid detail of how this exercise should be performed. It is important that no more then one specific Jelq exercises should be included in any daily workout routine.

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