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The Wake Up Cloth
The wake up cloth is a relatively simple warm up procedure.
In order to conduct this procedure you will require a small towel and a bowl of warm-hot water.
Begin by taking the cloth of small towel you have and placing it within the bowl of warm-hot water until it is equally warm.
Keep in mind that the cloth should not be too hot when you begin.
Take the cloth or small towel and wrap it around the entirity of your penis and testicles. Whilst in the beginning it may produce an unsual, perhaps even slightly painful sensastion it should be manageable enough. Keep the small towel or cloth in the same position for approximatly 1 minute. Once a minute is up and the towel has presumably lost its heat, repeat the process.
After a number of repetitions you should feel loose enough to continue with your penis enlargement routine.

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Stretching Blood Flow
The stretching blood flow warm up should be performed in a seated position. Being seated maximises the amount of blood flowing to the focus region, particulrly the lower abdomen and pelvis areas).
Once you have yourself in a suitably comfortably seated position form a ring with the thumb and forefinger on one of your hands and being to stroke your penis trying to maximise the amount of blood flowing to the head/end of your penis as it is physically capable of.
Repeat this process until your penis gradually moves towards erection increasing the firmness of the grip as you go.
As your penis gradually increases in hardness you should physically feel the blood building up in the head of the penis. Once you have obtained a complete erectin and you feel you have reached the maximum amut of blood within your penis create an ok symbol with your fingers and place pressure around the base of the penis, preventing the blood from flowing outwards.
Continue by moving your penis in opposing directions from left to right, up to down which will further enlarge the penis by allowing absolute and maximum blood into the penis.
This is an advanced technique. Please perform with caution.

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