Penis Enlargement Myths Debunked

Like it or not, there’s a lot of lying on the Internet when it comes to selling products, and the penis enlargement product industry is no exception. As with many other things, there’s more than a few scumbags out to make a quick buck off garbage or poor advice — sometimes information that has even been researched properly.

Because of all of this (and a large variety of other things), many different myths have begun to float around about penis enlargement and all it entails. Some of them are based on actual facts and some are even true. However, the vast majority of them aren’t worth even a millisecond of your time. And if you decide to give into them and start getting wrapped up in their falsehoods then your head may very well explode. Seriously, 10 inches OVERNIGHT with a single pill that only has to be taken ONCE total? Come on, gimmie a break!

A lot of the stuff is easily debunked but many of the people researching this kind of information aren’t in any kind of position to be watching their own backs. Suffice to say, not meaning to be rude or anything, but a man whose doing everything he can online to increase his penis size certainly has a lot more to worry about than some potentially false information.

Regardless, in the interests of spreading truth and debunking some of the various myths that have been prevalent lately, we’ve decided to do a write-up talking and demystifying the majority of the stuff that’s been going around. You know, so YOU don’t have to and can instead worry about much more important things — like finally having a penis that doesn’t resemble half of a Fenway Frank hot dog!

Without further ado, let’s get right on into it!

Myth #1: There Are Miracle Big-Dick Overnight Pills That Work Within 24-36 Hours of Ingestion.

Definitely a myth, unfortunately. You could literally go and get penile implants and it would take longer than 24-36 hours to see the true results due to swelling and what-not. This is your PENIS we’re talking about! It can’t just magically grow overnight in what normally takes a few months AT LEAST if at all. It’s a part of your body, always remember that. Are there magical pills we can take that instantly give us a six-pack? Or pills that cause our biceps to bulge out in growth instantly upon taking a magical product? No! Of course not!

If you wouldn’t expect anything for these parts of your body, why would you go and think that your penis is some special little magician that can do things other parts of your body cannot?

Case closed yet?

Myth #2: The Average Penis Is Quite Big.

Although this “myth” is due more to the lack of self-confidence and paranoia of men with small penises, the “average” size penis isn’t really even that long. It’s like pornography and increasingly risque late night television have drilled it into our brains that every man packs two guns, a six-pack and a 9 inch cock.

While this would be awesome, anyone would admit, it is unfortunately not true. In fact, the average size penis, when erect — and yes, they ACTUALLY did multiple studies on this subject — lies somewhere between five and six inches. And that’s a stretch! Six inches even is usually the generally accepted number of those in the know in the penis research community.

So turn that frown upside down! Sure we can help you pack like a porn star, but you’re not as small as you think all by yourself after all.

Enough of that talk, though. You’ll be a hulking behemoth soon enough!

Myth #3: Penis Enlargement Products Are All a Sham.

This usually seems to be the favorite of all the people who’ve never actually tried it out to see if it was legit. You know those kind of people, right?

It’s as if these people can’t come to grips with the fact that, although we can walk on the moon, create disastrous war weapons that could wipe out humanity on this planet hundreds of thousands of times over and even invent the Shamwow that we can’t possibly have discovered some type of product that could help with male enhancement. Oh no!

I’m sorry, I forgot it was 1882.

Myth #4: Penis Enlargement is Ultimately Detrimental to Your Health (Over a Long Period of Time)

Yet another example of a myth grounded in absolute, utter bullshit. While some penis enlargement products do have some side effects — like EVERY product you’ll find in any market or industry in this day and age — there’s never been any information that has even come close to suggesting that penis enlargement products are detrimental to one’s health over time. No basis whatsoever — yet it’s one of the most popular and rampant myths that there is… funny how that works, huh?

If anything, penis enlargement products have by and large IMPROVED people’s lives by leaps and bounds. While they don’t directly make them healthy like say, a colon cleansing diet would, they do manage to boost self-confidence and give one a brighter outlook on life. Indeed, there have been many studies over the past few decades that have suggested that men with larger penises (above average) generally had very positive and “grab-the-bull-by-the-horns” type outlooks on life. In short, they didn’t wallow in their sorrow of having a small cock like little bitches.

Some may argue that it is unfair to blame the men born with less than average manhood since they’ve never known anything else and our society places such importance on such trivial, skin-deep things. While this is definitely true, the time has finally come where our technology and science and medicine has caught up with practically all of thes mild to moderate ailments that we’ve “suffered” through over the years.

Too fat? Take a dietary health supplement that will boost your metabolism and spike your natural energy levels — essentially giving you the kick in the ass you’ll need to kick start finally losing those unwanted pounds.

Have yellow uncomely teeth that make you look like you forgot to take out the fake scary teeth this past Halloween? Then order a teeth whitening system and turn that brown frown upside down! Into a white one!

Have a small penis that makes you shy away from actually getting to the point where you could “get some”? Well what’ya know, you’re in the right place for just such a problem!

The point of this whole thing is, while the problems I just mentioned all have the power to absolutely devastate anyone to the point of severe depression. There’s no denying that. But unlike in the past, there’s a fix for practically everything! All you really need is the drive to research exactly what you need and the balls to actually go through with it.

Myth #5: The Only “Legit” Way To Increase The Size Of Your Penis Is NOT With Any Products Or Creams, But Instead With the Exercise Regimens of Ancient Tribes of Yore.

This is one of the most dangerous myths because of the half-truth it contains. Indeed, some of the most effective results for many, MANY people have come from using the exercises learned from ancient tribes who often used to used the system as a type of initiation ritual. However, just because the exercises have proven effective doesn’t mean that the products won’t work. If you think about it all it really makes absolutely no sense at all and only gives more credence to the theory that myths and urban legends are spread by uneducated, bored imbeciles with nothing better to do than make fabulous claims about things despite the fact that they have no idea what in the world they’re talking about. Must be fun!

As we have all learned many times before in each of our lives, everyone is different. And for things as personalized and biologically intricate as increasing the size of your penis — PERMANENTLY — some things are going to work better for some people and vice versa.

Honestly sit back and clear your head for a moment and think — REALLY think — about what exactly it is you’re trying to do. You will soon be taking products or performing exercises that will literally change your penis FOREVER. It’s never going to be the same. Lots of people are probably still saying, “So what?” but I promise you that it will sink in fully eventually and it’ll be like you got smacked upside the head with a baseball bat. It’s not a bad feeling by any means. It just seems that everyone goes into the penis enlarging process like it’s a one o’clock appointment to take Two Tylenol and take a nap. It’s amazing what is going to happen and it’s really, really interesting when you realize that it is all going to be because of a simple product or a few easy exercises.

Myth #6: There Are Many Better Penis Enlargement Resource Websites Than The One You Find Yourself On Right Now.

What a despicable myth! Spread by evil-doers no doubt!

Haha! In all seriousness though, we really do pride ourselves in providing one of the — if not THE — best penis enlargement resources currently on the Internet. There are many resources out there for people to go to and while there are a few here and there that can somewhat rival the high-quality that we put out here on a regular basis, for the most part, all of them suck-ass. Seriously.

We’ve spent our time and efforts researching every single penis enlargement product and exercise system on the market to ensure that we can provide our readers with only the best of the best. Sure, one could go above and beyond and do a shit-ton of research, eventually settling on a list of products that would likely be legit. But we know for a fact that, A.) Not many people have that type of time and most importantly, B.) Even if you had the time, you likely wouldn’t want to spend it trying to find the lost, hidden artifact of a penis enlargement product that would give you the best results.

Sure, you could technically assume that we’re like every other website out there and only endorse products which would behoove us to do so. However, should you look into the level of detail and care we put all throughout this website, you should begin to get the hint that we’re not like the other guys. If you REALLY want to be sure, then by all means, go and waste a few hours separating a few good penis enlargement site resources from the garbage and compare their recommendations to ours. If you’ve managed to find a half-decent website than the products and systems we endorse should be similar, but we can guarantee they won’t even come close to the level of detail and depth we provide on this here website.

If you manage to come up with a question or something that you cannot find the answer or explanation to on here, then by all means, just shoot us a line and ask us to answer it. Not only will we do so, but we’ll put up a whole separate page devoted to that very question.

We’re interested in helping people, so relax and know that you can trust all that we say. In a way, we’re the penis enlargement resource website BY the people, FOR the people. Or something. That actually sounds kind of creepy due to the topic and all, so we’ll just start wrapping up there to avoid further craziness.

Again, if you have any questions about some other myths you may have stumbled across or heard on your own, then please feel free to contact us and let us investigate it. We may just use said question in our next write-up! Hey, it’s not the lottery but it’s better than a drab, dull day with nothing fun happening right? No? Oh well — I think it’s about that time.

We’d like to wish you good luck in whatever you do decide to do with your penis enlargement endeavors. And always remember to take what you hear on the Internet and even in the “real world” with a grain of salt. Several vials actually. Some people just like to hear themselves talk and will go on and on about any topic at all as long as they feel gratified pretending to know what they’re talking about. Scary for sure, but it’s always better to be aware and ready for such misinformation no matter where it may come from.

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