Penis Enlargement Surgery – Do Not Opt For It

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Almost every guy desires a bigger penis. To satisfy this desire, people are ready to spend several bucks on pills, treatments and surgeries. In fact, these days people are moving more and more towards getting their penis enhanced by surgeries. But have you ever thought what adverse effects this surgery might leave upon you. Well, this article discusses some of the scariest aspect of penis enlargement surgeries. 

In the first place, the results of this surgery cannot always be anticipated. One of my colleagues spent $8000 for getting his penis enlarged though a surgery only to realize that he hardly achieved the desired results. What could be worse than this is that he suffered from scar tissues and excessive hair growth on the base of penis. 

Let’s first learn how this surgery is done. Penis enlargement surgery is a method of increasing the length of your penis. By implanting additional skin a prominent enhancement is made in the penis. If required, the muscles and ligaments that are fixed with the penis are cut in such a way to enable the penis to go in the bottom direction. 

Though penis enlargement surgeries have created a rage among the men, the specialists themselves don’t recommend this surgery. The primary reason being that, merely using surgical tools does not leave you with the desired increase. For a permanent increase in the length, weights are used for months to enlarge the size of penis. Sounds painful, isn’t it? Apart from this in several cases, men have suffered from erections in the earthward directions. 

And if you still insist in favor of this surgery, I will showcase a few aftermaths of this surgery. The reports of a renowned hospital reveal that nine out of ten people do not achieve the results that they anticipated. In addition to it, they suffered from certain disorders. Susan complains that even after spending thousands of dollars on this surgery, while having sex, her husband’s penis fell out of place. This really irritated her and led to bedtime fights between them almost everyday. 

There are several other risks that accompany the penis enlargement surgery. The most common of them all is the reduction in the potency level. The others include erections in the wrong directions, permanent bend in the penis, perpetual dislocation of the angle of erection, disfigured penis, permanent redness and many more. 

The next uninteresting part about this surgery is that they might cost you a fortune. Imagine yourself spending thousands of dollars and going through painful weights only to realize that all your efforts were in vain. There are several people who have complained that even after undergoing the required surgery and exercise regime; they could hardly achieve the desired results. Even the doctors and specialists do not make to you a commitment of positive results. 

After realizing the brutal and risky way in which this surgery is performed and the huge costs involved, most of the people prefer not to opt for this surgery. What adds to the anxiety is that this surgery may lead to several disastrous effects including a continual impotency 

However, you need not be disillusioned after reading all the adverse effects of this surgery. A number of alternatives wait for you – just read the other reviews.

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