Penis Enlargement Pumps

There are large numbers of natural penis enlargement methods available. These natural methods can give you maximum benefits with minimal side effects or even without any side effects at all.

Penis pumps is the one of the earliest enlargement methods. They are very popular and can be seen even in some movies also. Penis Pumps received very good feedbacks from users during the years and many of them reported success using them. However it is not that simple.

What are these pumps?

Penis Enlargement Pump

Penis pump is a vacuum device which consists of a cylinder that will fit the penis and prevent to get any air in. Pump creates suction and exhaust the air from the cylinder creating lesser pressure inside the cylinder helping penis vessels to get more blood and making penis bigger and wider.

Is it safe? Is there any side effects?

Unfortunately there are some dangers behind using penis pumps that you should avoid. Abusing penis pumps by creating too much suction can be harmful to your penis and create some painful effects and in some cases will even lead to permanent damage.

The another thing that should be mentioned as well is that penis pumps has no scientific validation or approval or even undergone any special studies which can tell us about its effectiveness or safety.

If you decide to use penis pumps you should agree with the risks and you should be very careful to avoid any harm. You should also bear in mind that penis pump enlargement effect is not permanent.

In fact there are much safer and even more effective methods available that will give you permanent results, such as exercises or extenders. The especially recommended and most safest method is penis extenders which outperforms penis pumps in almost all respects except the time required to see results. But extender devices is much safer, predictable and convenient to use.

Also another method that performed well for years is male enhancement pills. Penis pills are even safer and much more convenient than extenders.

We recommend trying one of the following methods for penis enlargement:

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