Semen Volume Pills Comparison

Best Sperm Volume Pills Comparison

Product Performer5


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Rating #1 #2 #3
Doctor approved Yes Yes Yes
Erection Enhancement Excellent Excellent Excellent
Volume Enhancement Excellent Excellent Excellent
Libido Enhancement Excellent Excellent Very good
Ejaculation Control Excellent Excellent Excellent
Cost Very good Very good Very good
Back Guarantee
Excellent Excellent Excellent
Shipping and Cost
Bonuses Excellent
Very good
Very good
Ingredients Excellent
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What makes Performer5 so good?

The number one choice for top porn stars, there is no need to envy them as Performer5 could turn you in a porn star in your own right by increasing your semen production by up to 500% meaning intense orgasms and furthermore increased ejaculations. With this increased confidence in the bedroom, you and your partner will reap the benefits!

Performer5 SystemWhat benefits and results can you expect?

With regular use of Performer5, any man will experience a heightened sexual climax, a huge volume in semen production, improved virility and an increased sexual appetite.

If that isn’t enough this product promises to promote rock hard erections so you really will be performing like a porn video star.

In addition to this, every time you purchase Performer5 you will receive a number of bonus freebies; copies of exciting videos, special access to online sites, free trial packs and free penis enlargement pill Male Extra.

You are ultimately saving a huge amount of money each time you upgrade.

Testimonial from a satisfied Performer5 customer:

Performer5 Testimonial

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